About Us

FNQ.net.au is owned and maintained by Precedence.

It has been in existance since around 2005 and started as a domain for friends and family email accounts initially created by Robert Rutten of Rutten Technology Services. As of April 2013, Rutten Technology Services is a part of Precedence.

We wanted an email address that is:

  • Independent -- We didn't want to be a slave to our ISP.
  • Local --  We're residents of Far North Queensland.
  • Affordable -- We don't want to be limited by free email hosting, but don't need over-the-top expensive hosting. 

Sometime later, other people expressed an interest in having their own FNQ.net.au email address.

And so here we are. =)


Email Service

What is an ISP?

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides access to the internet to consumers. Some examples of large Australian ISPs include Telstra Bigpond, Optus, Internode, iiNet and Dodo.

What is an ISP Dependent Email Address?

Usually when you sign up to an ISP's services, they will also provide a free email address at their domain (e.g. joe @bigpond.com.au). Sounds good, right? Not quite...

Because the ISP provides a free email address (sometimes multiple email addresses) per billing account, the email hosting is often very limited. There's limited functionality and sometimes you only receive a few MB of email quota -- definitely not enough with today's attachment sizes. 

What gets most people though is: You can't keep it. Not unless you plan to never change your ISP. Ever. Every time you change ISPs, you have a new ISP dependent email address. Imagine what a painful process it would be updating all your friends and family, let alone all your business contacts if you use it for work as well.

An ISP dependent email is temporary.

What is an ISP Independent Email Address?

An ISP independent email address almost the opposite of an ISP dependent email address , but much better. If an ISP dependent email means you can't change ISPs freely, then of course an ISP independent email address means that you can change your ISP whenever you would like -- and keep the same email address!

As independent email address hosting services focus on providing exactly that (email hosting), you receive a more tailored service rather than a website, internet and email bundle that is limited in its generalisation.

What about Free Email Services, like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail?

It's true that services such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail provide ISP independent email service, but anyone and everyone can sign up 1, 2, even 50 email addresses if they wanted to. Because of how widely accessible free email hosting is, most people are hard pressed to find an email address that isn't already taken without using something like Janet1987 @hotmail.com . If it were a business email address, imagine how unprofessional that would look on your business cards.

Why should I pay for another email address?

Don't think of FNQ.net.au as "just another email address", think of it as your one email address that you'll never need to change again.

  • It's ISP independent, meaning that you can freely change your ISP without needing to change email addresses and update all your contacts with your new details.
  • You get 25MB of email quota on our server.
  • You'll have YourEmail @FNQ.net.au as your permanent email address.
  • Our support team is local, friendly and focuses specifically on providing you superb email hosting.
  • All this for only $27.50/year.


What does FNQ stand for?

FNQ stands for "Far North Queensland", the tropical northern end of the state of Queensland in Australia.

How reliable is FNQ.net.au's service?

Put simply: very reliable. FNQ.net.au is run on one of our (Precedence) servers that we also use for large national websites. It's fast, secure and we maintain it ourselves.

What support can I expect from FNQ.net.au?

We provide email support and are also developing an online support forum as part of site redevelopment. Occasionally we provide support from our office, but it's not a guaranteed feature. =)

How much does it cost for a FNQ.net.au email account?

A FNQ.net.au email account and all associated services costs $27.50/year.